There are numerous benefits to building your own home rather than purchasing an already existing home, but perhaps the greatest benefit is that you get to start with a home that is uniquely you. For many families, double storey homes are a good fit as they allow for more personal space and are more affordable per meter square.

As you begin your search for double storey house plans pdf, you’ll notice various plans offer unique arrangements of living spaces. As you consider the various choices, there are four important features to factor into your search.

1. Consider Placement of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

It is common for all the bedrooms to be located on the upper floor, but there may be situations in which you need at least one bedroom downstairs. As the population ages, it’s not uncommon for elderly parents to join the households of their grown children. If this is your situation, you may want to choose a home that has a bedroom and full bath on the lower floor.

It may also be the case that as parents you prefer a little more privacy from the children. Parents who need couple time may want to locate the master bedroom downstairs while placing all the children upstairs.

If you do decide to locate all of the bedrooms on the upper floor, do you only need a half bath on the lower level? If you think you may have overnight guests and plan to put them in the study, you may want to consider a full bath on the lower floor in addition to or instead of a half bath.

2. Don’t Overlook Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking at double storey house plans, then you may also already have a location in mind. The direction your house faces can have an impact on it’s energy efficiency. If large windows are facing the north, this will help provide heat to your home during the winter while minimising heat gain during the summer months. If your home faces west, you may want as few windows as possible at the front of the home, or make plans to maximise shade provided by trees or other structures.

Also, don’t overlook the potential need for solar panels in the future if you aren’t planning to add them now. The direction of your roofs slope can have an impact on the effectiveness of a solar system.

3. Do You Have Sweeping Views or a Need for Privacy?

Location can also impact the floor plan you choose. If you have beautiful mountain, ocean or valley views, consider which room you will likely spend most of your time and make sure the plan you choose places that room accordingly.

On the other hand, if your home is packed tight between your future neighbors, you won’t want to choose a plan that has large picture windows at the sides of the home. In fact, a person who needs quiet and privacy may prefer a home that minimises the size and quantity of windows.

4. Look to the Future

When you narrow down your search for double storey house plans pdf, be sure you are also considering your future needs. When the children are grown, how will you utilise the extra space? Will there be too much space? If this is the case, you may want children who are close in age to share a bedroom.

Will the home become difficult to navigate as you age? This can impact the style of stairs you choose, as assistive equipment can be more easily added to stairs that don’t twist and turn. The right house plan should suit you through the different phases of your life.

Whether you’re looking at double storey home options, or are considering building a single storey home, Kurmond Complete has a variety of home designs to match your preferred style and budget. We are custom home builders serving the Sydney area and we understand everyone has individual needs. Allow us to help you find the home you will love to live in.

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