Are you someone who’s always looking for an upgrade? From coffee and donuts to cars and holidays, are you always hoping to get something that’s a little more special? When you build a home with Kurmond Complete, you may find your urge to upgrade is slightly reduced. That’s because when we build a home, a lot of the “something special” is already included as standard!

Exterior and Structural Inclusions

Our standard house inclusions contribute a level of certainty that all the necessities are covered, allowing you to focus your attention on personalising and making the house really yours. This starts before you even walk in the door, with Kurmond Complete taking care of the basics of engineering certification, concrete piers and foundation work, and even the driveway application. In addition, you can expect to have development, council and assorted government permissions and requirements handled as a standard part of the building process. Associated planning fees will be folded into your final tender as well. All of this is backed by structural and defect guarantees that give you the confidence to sleep well at night, knowing you’ve made a wise investment.

Kitchen and Living Room Standard Inclusions

Move-in day should be as seamless as possible, and it can be when your new home already includes everything you need to settle in. Unpack all your dishes, cookware and utensils into the ample included kitchen cabinets; hide away any temporary disorder behind standard flush fit laminate doors with handsome designer handles. Your standard 800mm Quartz or Smartstone benchtop will provide plenty of room for food prep, as you cook your first meal in your new home with the help of the included gas cooktop and electric oven.

Your living room likewise delivers an extensive array of house inclusions as standard to make your new place feel like a home right away. From the entryway onward, laminate flooring extends throughout the living areas, and ceramic tile is laid on the porch and alfresco. Standard cove cornice and skirting trim provide a “finished” look, perfectly framing the paint colour of your choice.

Upstairs Inclusions in Double Storey Display Homes

What do you see as you go upstairs in a Kurmond double storey display home? Let’s start with the stairs themselves. Naturally, solid construction of the staircase is a given, but proper finishing details are included as well. That means carpet installation on the stairs and professional painting of the handrail and balustres. Speaking of carpet, most people still like the warmth and comfort of carpeting in the bedroom, even if they prefer hard floors on the ground level. With Kurmond Complete, fitted carpet in the bedrooms is of course a standard inclusion, and the cornice and pencil rail trim continue into the bedroom as well.

Bathrooms are an essential part of assuring comfort in your new home, and you can expect to find all the essentials for your bath as standard features. From the basics like the towel bars and toilet roll holders to a framed shower screen and chrome fixtures, your bathrooms will have everything you need for health, hygiene and easy cleanup.

If you’re dreaming of a new home, that dream probably includes having everything in place so you can just walk in and start living your life. We are excited to show you that your dream can become a reality. The inclusions mentioned here are just a sample of the generous list of standard features in a Kurmond Complete home. Contact us today to find out how Kurmond can make your home Complete!

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