Most housebuilders have a set of inclusions, which are essential features covered by the standard cost of building a new home. You can add more to your house, but it will cost additional money. As builders all use different inclusions, it’s important to research and compare which features are included in your home before you start building. Here are some of the inclusions that are commonly found in new homes.

Pre-Construction Duties

Housebuilders often assume many of the pre-construction responsibilities that must be handled before building can begin. For example, administrative tasks such as building contracts and council applications are typically completed by the company building the house. They should also prepare any construction and liability insurance the project needs. Furthermore, the builders generally are responsible for connecting the property to utility services like water and electricity. Finally, inspecting and excavating the site prior to construction are standard inclusions for most builders.

External Inclusions

Other standard house inclusions include the basic external features of a home, such as the foundation, roofing and outer walls. Some companies may offer various materials and finishes for these features, so be sure to consult with your builder about which options are available. In addition, windows and doors are usually part of the list of standard features. Lighting and exterior paint may be included, but you can add specific customizations at an additional cost. Finally, landscaping and driveways are standard inclusions for some builders, although others may classify them as extras. Be sure to check which features are included when comparing builders and their prices.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

A new house needs a functional kitchen and bathrooms. Essentials such as toilets, showers, sinks and appliances are typical house inclusions. Make sure you review the manufacturers your builder works with so you are satisfied with the range and refrigerator in your new home. Cabinets and benchtops are generally included in standard homes as well, though you may need to work with your builder to choose which finishes and paint colours you’d like to use. Depending on the company designing your home, you may be able to upgrade certain materials or features at a higher price.

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

For the interior living spaces in your new home, the builder will normally include things like flooring as well as paint for the interior walls and ceilings. Check with your builder to see what kind of flooring is used. You can usually work with the house designer to select the ideal carpet, tiling or timber for your needs. If your place is going to have multiple levels, the stairway should also be part of the standard house inclusions. Certain builders may also include air conditioning and laundry machines, although these features aren’t always standard. It can be rather pricey to install laundry and central air once the house is built, so discuss your options with the building company early.
Some housebuilders include a wide range of structural and design features in their homes, while others offer the bare minimum. If you’re looking for a designer home with an excellent array of features at a standard cost, contact Kurmond Complete for more information.

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