Buying a home is no doubt a big commitment. Considering all the options there are for homes these days, beginning the house search can be overwhelming. Although this is the case, there are systematic ways to navigate the market. In particular, one of the best ways to narrow down the search is to have a set of criteria that the house must satisfy before one looks into it. One of the most obvious criteria may be whether the house is single storey or double storey. In the following, I will be discussing why it is a good idea to explore single storey options thoroughly.


Single storey house design differs considerably from double storey house design. Whereas many double storey houses are partitioned such that bedrooms are upstairs and other rooms downstairs, in a single storey house everything is on one floor.
One of the main advantages of single storey houses is accessibility. Staircases can be a considerable burden not only for people with disabilities but the elderly as well. Even if the homeowners themselves are not disabled or old, they may have family members who are. Furthermore, if one plans to stay in the home for the rest of his or her life, then a single storey house may be much easier in old age.

Better Market

In general, it is easier to sell a single storey house than it is a double storey. Single storey homes are widely appealing to many demographics, including the elderly, people with disabilities, and first-time home buyers. Because of the diversity of this demographic, it is usually simpler to find interested buyers in single storey homes than it is double storey. Furthermore, it is likely that single storey homes will remain popular in years to come; therefore it is a good investment for those who plan on selling their homes in the future.
Also, as one can see from single storey display homes, single storey houses can be quite nice and luxurious. It is therefore not the case that a single storey house design tends to be less beautiful and luxurious than a double storey house design.

Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of single storey houses is the easy maintenance. Having another storey results in much more cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done. For instance, cleaning a two story house includes not only cleaning the floors for both storeys but the walls as well. That is much more surface area to cover than a single storey house, which has overall much less surface area to cover.

Furthermore, the cost in utilities for a single storey house is likely to be much less than a double storey house. For instance, heating a single floor requires much less energy than does heating a first and second floor. The same goes for air conditioning.


Although I have outlined a few benefits to single storey houses, there are many more. If one is interested in buying a single storey house, he or she can check out single storey display homes for a vast variety of options.

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